PRIDE in everything we do!

At Tupton Primary and Nursery Academy we strive to create a learning environment where all children feel happy, safe and cared for and able to achieve their full potential. Children, parents, staff and Governors achieve this by having PRIDE in being part of the Tupton Family.


Partnership is an important part of our vision and ethos.

We work closely with parents and carers to ensure all children have a happy and successful time at school.

We encourage children to work collaboratively, to build successful relationships and understand how to support one another.

We work with the wider community and outside agencies to ensure that our children have the experiences, understanding and knowledge that prepares them for life in modern Britain.

Tupton Primary and Nursery Academy is part of the Redhill Academy Trust, a group of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire schools that work together to ensure the very best outcomes for our children. We are also a member of two clusters; The George Stephenson Learning Community and Bolsover Excellence Schools Trust. The schools work closely together to provide the very best for our children and families.


Respect for one another is an important part of our school life. Through our exciting and varied curriculum we learn to respect our differences and value diversity.

We ensure that we show respect for one another and encourage children to be proud of their individuality and recognise the strengths in others.


Ensuring that  children are independent is crucial. Giving them the skills to think, express themselves and set their own goals and targets is an important part of school life.

Through a wide range of opportunities and experiences we ensure that children’s independence and self esteem are developed.


At Tupton we are very determined!

We promote a love of learning and resilience that ensures that all children can achieve their best. We never give up and ensure that we say ‘I can’t do it …yet’. Challenges are there to overcome and we ensure that children are equipped with the skills needed to be a life-long learner and successful in all aspects of their life.


Enjoyment is a key part of life at Tupton. Ensuring children have a range of enjoyable and memorable learning experiences is part of our broad and balanced curriculum.

We encourage families to enjoy sharing in successes through Celebration Assemblies and Celebrations of Learning.